Yiwu and West Des Moines forged friendship and revisited a new blueprint for China and the United States

The “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum will be held in Beijing from May 14th to 15th. As a pilot city for international trade reform approved by the State Council, Yiwu fully implements and promotes the construction of the “One Belt and One Road” and deepens local Sino-U.S. cooperation.

On April 30, 2017, Yiwu City, Zhejiang and Muscatine of the United States entered into a “Sister City”. On the same day, the city of West Des Moines in the United States also shared the goodwill and formally signed the "Memorandum of Friendly Exchanges and Cooperation", which confirmed the good news of Chinas good fortune.

Cheng Lijun, Chairman of China Window Culture Industry Group, Tom Hadden, City Administrative Officer, Sheng Qiuping, Secretary of the CPC Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, Steven K. Gaer, Mayor of West Des Moines, and Phyllis Staplin, Chairman of Sister City Council.

West Des Moines is located in Iowa, and the Des Moines river flows quietly beside the city which interstates 35 and 80 pass through the city, and convenient rivers and highways make West Des Moines a shining pearl in the Midwest. As the tenth largest city in Iowa, it is also an important financial and insurance center in the United States. The headquarters of the prestigious Fortune 500 company, Principal Financial Group, is located here. West Des Moines was ranked 57th by "Money" Magazine in 2015 as "the top 100 most suitable cities for living and developing."

Yiwu City is the geographic center of Zhejiang Province and is also a pilot city for international trade reform approved by the State Council. In 2016, the total import and export volume reached 222.95 billion RMB, of which 185.12 billion was exported from the market. Besides, a new pattern of “buying the world and selling the world” has been initially formed.

As witnessed by the mayor of West Des Moines, the city administrator of West Des Moines, the members of West Des Moines, the members of the sister cities committee, and the chairman of China Window Culture Industry Group, the two sides signed the Friendly Exchange The memorandum of cooperation will establish a normalized exchange mechanism and will play a new movement for the friendship between China and the United States.

In recent years, Yiwu has established pragmatic cooperation with many cities in the United States in various fields and industries. During the meeting, the guests were willing to define their achievements, praise Yiwus experience, and promote Yiwus development. He also expressed his willingness to use the Yiwu platform to promote the “One Belt One Road Initiative” and to develop diversified cooperation in the areas of Sino-U.S. local cooperation and trade balance so as to play an active role in the Sino-U.S. economic and trade cooperation win-win situation.

In 2016, China Window opened the second “American Window- Muscatine Center” in Yiwu. The completion of the center opened a new chapter in Yiwu’s exchanges with the United States, creating a wider and more diverse range of China-U.S. exchange platform.

American windows-Muscatine center in Yiwu

The cultivation of the flowers of friendship between Yiwu and West Des Moines laid the foundation for in-depth cooperation in the fields of trade and investment between China and the United States, and also reached the intention of various exchanges and cooperation. Several U.S. companies will join China Window to invest in Yiwu, participating in the planning and construction of the Sino-U.S. Friendship Town, and open the 4.0 era of Sino-U.S. private exchanges and humanities exchanges, and jointly promote economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. There is a new movement of Yiwu in China and the United States. 

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